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Equity and access

Our aim is to eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination against people on the ground of disability, and promote recognition and acceptance within the community that people with a disability have the same fundamental rights as the rest of the community.

Through our Inclusive Communities program and Inclusive Community Champions Awards we promote the idea of a community which respects all citizens and enables full access to resources, promotes equal treatment and opportunity, and works to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

We also work specifically to ensure equality of access. We do this by identifying and addressing the physical and social barriers that prevent people from accessing and using infrastructure and services. We advocate for equality of access in public housing and accommodation, transport, education, employment, recreation and services. The annual Robert Jones Oration draws attention to the continued need for changing attitudes around private housing.

We advocate for individuals and groups against discrimination, and advise on equality of access for major projects around Australia.

  • We work with governments to advice on the accessibility of public transport systems.
  • We assist members with complaints of discrimination to represent themselves in the Anti-Discrimination of Queensland. Examples of positive outcomes include improving the safety of buses in Brisbane and obtaining a permit allowing a member to ride a modified quad bike in national parks in Queensland.
  • We also negotiate with local shopping centres to improve disability parking for our members.

We make sure the needs and concerns of people with a spinal injury are represented at all levels of decision making within government, business, and the community. One way of doing this is by having our voice heard through public submissions.

Linking communities

Through our Community Linking Program we have representatives located in various regional Queensland communities. Their role is to raise awareness about spinal injury and the disability experience, raise equity related issues, secure equitable access to services and promote seamless connections in the built environment. [return to top]

Inclusive Community Champions Awards

Operating since 2010, the Inclusive Community Champions Awards recognise the outstanding achievement of individuals and business across Queensland in encouraging inclusive communities.

An inclusive community is one in which everyone can participate and anyone who wants to be a customer can be.

The awards provide the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and showcase Queensland’s most inclusive communities.

The awards are currently being rested for review.

Past winners


State Champion Award:

  • The North Burnett Transport Service

State Finalists:

  • Noosa Shire Council’s Library Service
  • Bec Nicol – All Abilities Mackay
  • Brisbane City Council for the Braille Trail Awareness Campaign.



State Champion Award:

  • Supreme Court of Queensland

State Finalists:

  • CBUS Super Stadium
  • Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Brisbane City Council


State Champion Award:

  • Brisbane City Council

State Finalists:

    • Decision Easy
    • Ramasunderam Balasekeran
    • Sunshine Coast Council Parks and Gardens Unit
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Robert Jones Oration

The Robert Jones Oration honours a man who made a significant lifelong contribution to building an inclusive society. Robert Jones was a member of SpinaSpinal cord injury awareness weekl Life Australia and made an enormous commitment to achieving equitable outcomes for people with a disability within the built and non-built environment.

Through his expertise, he advocated for people with disability in national forums and at all levels of government.

He regarded housing as the first essential to living life in a contemporary Australia.

2015 oration

Delivered by Mr Maha Sinnathamby, Chairman of the Springfield Land Corporation, the 2015 oration was titled: Walking backwards into the future.

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, in association with the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland, Council on the Ageing and Spinal Life Australia presented the oration.

2014 oration

The inaugural Robert Jones Oration was held in 2014 in partnership with the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.

The oration was given by Dr Margaret Ward. In her address, Margaret explored the boundary between our rights to design the private space of our home and the public interest in universal housing design. She questioned whether equitable access to private homes is in the public interest.

You can access more information about the inaugural Robert Jones Oration here:

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Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week is a national campaign that aims to create a more inclusive and accessible community for everyone.

The week coincides with World Spinal Cord Injury Day, which is an initiative of the International Spinal Cord Society and aims to increase awareness of injury prevention and an inclusive life for people with a spinal cord injury.

As part of a national collaboration with the Australian Spinal Injury Alliance, we raise awareness about Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week and World Spinal Cord Injury Day through community events, the media, print advertising, social media and more.

To find out more, visit

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