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New Gold Coast Stadium

Architect Wendy Lovelace, law graduate Michael Cranley and Executive Manager John Mayo from the Spinal Injuries Association’s Community Relations department have been engaged in understanding if the new Gold Coast Sun’s football team home ground, the Metricon Stadium at Carrara (pictured), will be a good venue for members.

Wendy and Michael attended the stadium open day in late May and at this stage our advice is that members who go with a carer will be able to access services, toilets and seating, but we strongly advise that those who wish to go independently will struggle and may have a very poor experience.

We are also seeking answers about transport arrangements and met with stadium management in June to seek facilities improvements, a seating and booking policy, and establish travel information for private and public transport.

Please call our team on 3391 2044 for more detailed information,

Note: If the Gold Coast wins the 2018 Commonwealth Games bid, Carrara will become the main stadium, with seating increased by 26,000 seats, according to the Games Bid Chief, swimming champion Mark Stockwell.